2022 Workshop Day

Monday, June 27

WORKSHOP A - Raising Capital

13:00 Building a Robust Business Model to Open Doors to Investment

  • Creating a robust business model that de-risks areas of weakness and aligns with investor priorities.
  • Defining your USP to solidify partnerships and strengthen your brand.
  • Building strong foundations of an adaptive business that will grow with the future of plant-based proteins.

14:00 Panel: What Do Investors Look for When Evaluating Start-Ups Investment Opportunities?

  • Assessing the criteria essential for investors when evaluating investment prospects.
  • Highlighting common areas of weakness within fermentation start-ups, and how these weakness can be fixed.
  • Discussing how to secure the best funding: What should you look for in your investment partner of choice?

Workshop Leader

Jose Luis (1)

Jose Luis Cabañero

Eatable Adventures


Kim Odhner
Managing Founder
Unovis Asset Manager


Arnout Dijkhuizen
Investment Principal
Astanor Ventures 

15:00 Afternoon Refreshments

WORKSHOP B: Navigating the EU Regulatory Landscape

15:30 Mapping Out the Regulatory Pathway for EU Food & Safety Regulations for Novel Food Status

  • Learning what a Novel Foods Application is and what regulations are currently in place for Fermentation-Enabled Proteins.
  • Mapping your pathway through various regulatory stages and where common challenges occur.
  • Understanding how you can prevent roadblocks in approval by considering alternative choices in production.

Workshop Leader

Hans Verhagen

Hans Verhagen
Food Safety & Nutrition Consultancy

16:30 Contrasting EU vs US Regulation & What This Means For Your Company

  • Discovering the main differences in approval processes across both
  • Drawing a comparison between the two different timelines and how this impacts product creation to commercialisation.
  • Sharing lessons learned from navigating both jurisdictions to streamline your approvals process.

Workshop Leader


Danika Martyn


17:30 End of Pre-Conference Workshop Day