Advance Technical Understanding & Infrastructure to Deliver on the Potential of Alternative Proteins with Commercially Viable Yield, Quality, & Cost

Welcome to the 3rd Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit Europe

Unlock Biomass & Precision Fermentation’s Power to Bring
Alternative Proteins to Market at Scale

The 3rd Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit Europe is your flagship forum to cut through the noise of the tradeshows. 

With European governments recently committing more than €400 million to feed the future sustainably, now is this time to capitalise on this momentum to develop the next generation of differentiated functional, nutritious, and commercially scalable proteins.   

We will welcome 140+ industry stakeholders from investors to innovative start-ups, established players, and strategic partners to tackle the end-to-end technical challenges of bringing precision and biomass protein products and ingredients to market. 

That’s why the likes of Unilever’s Biotechnology Manager, The Protein Brewery’s Chief Executive Officer, Deep Branch Bio’s Chief Executive Officer, and The Good Food Institute’s Policy Officer are sharing their technical developments and research with you to build a more sustainable food system. 

Seize the opportunity to join industry pioneers this July as we carve out the future of fermentation-enabled alternative proteins in Europe. 

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

What's New?

Technical case studies from 22 new speaking companies and 30 brand-new speakers across dedicated precision and biomass tracks to maximise your technical insights

Updates on the cutting edge of fermentation technologies, covering waste stream fermentation and novel feedstocks from revyve, Innomy, Mycorena, Bolder Foods, Arkeon Bio, and Deep Branch Bio

Renewed focus on the importance of strategic partnerships to deliver on alternative proteins at scale, with intimate, premium networking to facilitate these collaborations

Who's in the Room?

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“I’m excited about those collaborative sparks to happen, for people to provide solutions for challenges others are facing in a commercially focused meeting and go forward from that. I’m also excited to see what’s come out of some of the conversations I was part of last year”

Lead Fermentation Scientist, Good Food Institute

“I’m really looking forward to the one-on-one conversations that can only take place in a setting like that. I’m excited to leave with a vision of what the alternative protein industry can become this decade.”

Chief Executive Officer, NovoNutrients

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“It was a great experience to engage with industry leaders across every segment of the value chain. What differentiates this summit from the other food-tech events is that the audience was very selective, there were many tech-savvy and tech-oriented attendees.”

Chief Executive Officer, MayaMilk

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