8:20 am Registration & Breakfast

9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:10 am Building Sustainability Through Alternative Protein Innovations for Conscious Products & Consumers Synopsis


  • Discussing what companies are aiming to accomplish by increasing sustainability goals through food?
  • Looking at what individual factors within sustainability can be built into product design and development.
  • Building a product line that supports the conscious

9:50 am Panel: Building Partnerships Across the Food & Biotech Industries to Create Circularity


  • Discussing the opportunities to create circularity within current systems to offset waste across industries.
  • Overviewing lessons learned from building circularity into other industries to improve success in fermentation.
  • Looking at how long-term partnerships can be established to mutually benefit all parties.

10:30 am Case Study: Creating a Zero-Waste Process Throughout the Journey to Commercialization


  • Discussing how a company can input sustainable practices at the beginning of their protein production.
  • Learning what methods can be used in fermentation to increase sustainability whilst not disrupting the process or end product.
  • Looking towards creating zero waste systems for a fully circular product cycle.

11:10 am
Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

Addressing Challenges in Protein Production

11:40 am Microbial Caseins: Challenges & Opportunities

12:20 pm Evaluating How Early Decisions in Formulation Can Enable or Impede the Regulatory Approval Process


  • Looking at what factors need to be addressed when choosing initial microorganisms to fit within EU guidelines.
  • Evaluating different compromises during product development for the product to pass current legislation and remain close to the desired outcome.
  • Improving early-stage formulation decisions through creating a checkpoint process to choose microbial properties that fall within guidelines.

1:00 pm
Lunch Break

2:00 pm Panel: Improving Communication & Alignment Between Biotech, Food- Tech & CPG at Every Stage of Product Development


  • Discussing the current breakdowns in communication between biotech’s, foodtechs, and CPGs during product development.
  • Evaluating the ways in which this communication can be improved and what barriers need to be overcome to do so.
  • Creating better systems and checks to prioritize communication throughout the process

Building High Nutritional Value

3:00 pm Discussing Approaches to Enhance Nutrition in Fermentation-Enabled Food Products


  • Discussing the current process and technology in place to achieve higher nutrition in fermentation-enabled protein products.
  • Reflecting on the setbacks and lessons learned in achieving higher nutritional value across product lines.
  • Evaluating how to balance functionality and high nutrition in a product to meet consumers full demand.

3:40 pm Case Study: Using Bio-Mass Proteins to Build Lower-Processed Foods With Higher Nutritional Value


  • Learning how using whole bio-mass microorganisms can create higher nutritional proteins.
  • Explaining the essential steps in building a protein from biomass that reduces processing of the end product.
  • Looking towards the future of bio-mass fermentation as an opportunity for high nutritional value alternatives.

4:20 pm
Afternoon Refreshments

4:50 pm Precision Fermentation: A New Outlook on the Idea of Functional Nutrition and Population Health


  • Understanding the functionality of how food is able to promote overall health and wellbeing.
  • Focusing on the physiological effect of the native 3-dimensional structure to allow for the manufacture of food products that display a wide range of both specific and wide-reaching health-promoting functions.
  • Looking towards improving health functions such as the immune system, disease and infection prevention through a holistic approach to protein production.

5:30 pm Chairs Closing Remarks