7:50 am Registration & Breakfast

8:20 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Scaling Up

8:30 am Uncovering Common Challenges in Scaling-Up Production for Widespread Commercialization of Your Product


  • Overviewing the key challenges that companies face when first considering scale-up
  • Presenting a roadmap that will help companies to prepare for moving onto the next scale stage.
  • Understanding the cost and time requirements to plan your anticipated scaleup ‘ahead of schedule’

9:10 am Audience Discussion: Replicating Fermentation Through Scale-Down Processes to Achieve Optimal Performance & Quick Turnarounds at Industrial Scale Application


  • Discovering what techniques are available for replicating industrial processes on a smaller scale.
  • Knowing what best practices are in implementing this technique for successful outcomes.
  • Looking to how we can structure scale-down as an essential part to any fermentation process.

9:50 am Identifying the Right Base Products When Choosing Microorganisms to Thrive at Commercial Scale


  • Evaluating the key properties to consider when choosing base products that will thrive when processing at scale.
  • Understanding the common predictions on how different microorganisms are going to react from preliminary testing to remain informed during early decisions.
  • Choosing the correct feedstock to be able to scale to continuous production at high quantity.

10:30 am
Morning Refreshments

11:00 am BioTech for Good: A Molecular Biologist’s Toolbox to Accelerate Alternative Protein Production:


  • State-of the-art strain engineering and upscaling processes
  • Discussing the need to produce fermentation-enable food ingredients at low cost and how advances in strain engineering can meet this demand
  • Introducing a new item in the toolbox: Could this fungus the ideal expression host?

Improving Communication in Commercialization

11:40 am Panel: Kickstarting Conversations on Knowledge Sharing & Technical Advice to Encourage Innovative Start-Ups & Higher Commercial Targets


  • Discussing what knowledge and technical advice start-ups are currently lacking when entering this space.
  • Benchmarking ideas on how to offer a better knowledge sharing system between experienced and developing parties.
  • Determining a roadmap for how start-ups and long-standing companies can work together to build a future network that speeds up innovation.

12:20 pm Creating Cross Industry Partnerships for Building Successful Products at Scale

  • Carlotte Lucas Corporate engagement manager, The Good Food Institute


  • Looking at the different opportunities available for partnerships within the product development of proteins.
  • Learning how these partnerships can be mutually beneficial for both parties through scaling up of protein production.
  • Understanding how companies can maintain their own individual identity whilst gaining the benefits of a commercial relationship.

1:00 pm
Lunch Break

The Future of Fermentation

2:00 pm Future Protein Transition: The Importance of Open and Clear Information Exchange for the Succesful Application of Fermentation Enabled Alternative Proteins

  • John Chapman Team Leader of Bio- Based Ingredients, Unilever

2:40 pm Panel: Uniting the Industry to Scale Fermentation-Enabled Proteins in the Next Ten Years


  • Looking at where the industry is now to establish the baseline from which fermentation will grow.
  • Underlining where the main gaps are in the market for product types and functionality that must be filled for consumer satisfaction.
  • Agreeing on what the industry can do in collaboration with one another for scaling-up greater collective results.

3:20 pm Chairs Closing Remarks

3:30 pm End of Conference